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So, honestly... I have not done a lot for this week, haha. owo; I had two days where almost I have done nothing but sleep (maybe I'm getting sick?), there was Tanabata and the July 4th fireworks (and I wanted to spend most of that time taking pictures of fireworks which was not very challenging)... so... it's just been a busy week.

But, I did get more pictures that I liked, this time! It's just that I didn't take one every day.

Five pictures )
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I took part in [personal profile] auto_destruct's artslam week idea, so, time to share what I did!

I was challenging my self to take at least one photo for each day, that was going outside the usual boundaries of what I do with photos. I don't think that all the result are impressive, but, I tried.

Things that are under the cut that might bother people: spider web (no spider), dead animal. )

I don't feel like I learned a lot from this, so I guess I need to push my self more? I did learn more about how to do moon photography, and I'm really happy with the results, so, that was something. And, it does encourage me to experiment more with photos/scenes that I don't think are that good.
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A lot to write about, a lot to share. I had a very powerful and eventful trip with [personal profile] niya. She was kind enough to take me to San Francisco, so I could see the swans that I have a spiritual longing to be close to.

These are the stories that happened on that trip. Or, some of them. I'm sure I forget some, and, others are stories inside stories, that I will tell on my Tumblr under the writing tag. But this, this is the main story as I remember it.

Swans, faerie forests, deer spirits, and amazing food, plus many many photos )


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