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aaaaaah this small publishing company is working on an anthology of romance stories featuring otherkin and therian characters and they're putting out a call for it

they're looking for a cover too, and if the cover features human-looking people they prefer people of color, yay

they will pay you $30 for stories and $100 for the cover and [profile] thegreenwolf is writing the forward

they're also collecting a nonfiction anthology of essays by disabled people on sex and romance

please please signal boost this all you can because this will be one of the few times that published stories have been written deliberately FOR otherkin (actually the only other one i can think of is soar) and i need this with all my heart (and i don't even like romance)

blblblblbl thank you
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[profile] shurhaian is writing fic for free/for tips, based aroumd famous (or not famous) quotes, here. They can write human, anthropomorphic animal, or other fantasy race characters.

If you get anything interesting, please let me know! ^v^
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This is a longer version of this post, trying to collect all the details on the swan maiden race that I am playing in the Pathfinder RPG that [personal profile] jewelfox is running.

Dark eyes and feathered cloaks... )
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More information here! Charley is wonderful at reading and writing too, I never heard Morgan read but their stories are lovely, so, if you like writing/reading you should definitely look at this and, maybe help out?

I don't feel confident enough with my writing or reading to do either, but, people who are...


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