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I took part in [personal profile] auto_destruct's artslam week idea, so, time to share what I did!

I was challenging my self to take at least one photo for each day, that was going outside the usual boundaries of what I do with photos. I don't think that all the result are impressive, but, I tried.

Fried worm on the sidewalk... this poor little creature literally just fried because it was so hot outside. I took this picture because, who is going to remember a dead worm and try to make art from it? It seemed like someone needed to remember it.

Car headlights.

Taking pictures straight up like this can be a little boring, but I think this turned out okay. In the bottom right, I think it's a bug, or a hummingbird...?

Bliss between nature and civilisation.

Tiny constellations.

Two focuses. Trying to capture what I see lying on the grass in the park...

Saving the best for last... cloudy moon. I actually like this one.

I don't feel like I learned a lot from this, so I guess I need to push my self more? I did learn more about how to do moon photography, and I'm really happy with the results, so, that was something. And, it does encourage me to experiment more with photos/scenes that I don't think are that good.
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