Sep. 27th, 2011

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This society tries to keep us from making up stories about our lives. It says, "but things are not really like that. This, scientific evidence, shows the way things are, the only way things are." But stories, different ways to see things, they are what makes our world come alive. By conforming everything to one scientific viewpoint we are stripping it of culture, perspectives, and our own personal relationship to it. Everything becomes dead in our eyes.

They are taking the stories that make sense of our lives, and replacing them with their own.

So, if that knot in the tree is shaped like a face to you, and it means something in your personal mythology, don’t let anyone tell you that is less “real” than the hard, scientific facts. They are killing your myths and replacing them with their vision. Holding on to our own secret myths is a powerful weapon against that, and, healing for the soul.

Note: when I say "culture and perspective", I mean that science as we experience it as non-scientists, is very filtered through particular cultural ideas that might not match what matters to us. People say that science is just facts, but, the way that science is shown to us, in magazines, TV, articles, etc. is not just facts, it comes from a particular perspective about what is normal and what is acceptable, and, the idea that scientific way of looking at the world is more "real" or "right" than others, erases different perspectives about what is acceptable and ignores cultural difference.

When I say "personal relationship", I mean a similar thing. What you experience about the universe does not matter, because what they experience about the universe is "right". Inside experience is turned into a "nice little fantasy" compared to the solid knowledge of science. The idea that scientific view is the only "real" view is patronising to our personal ways of experiencing the world, and, our idea that they have value.


Sep. 27th, 2011 09:07 pm
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Things I learned from Occupy Wall Street: police brutality is not occasional things, it's the normal state of things. And, I am very privileged to not know that before now.

I don't think I will ever be calling the police for anything in the future. Society can heal in better ways, than abusing each other in the name of authority.

Also, today I got library books. (´-ω-`) Feels just... good, having new stories in my hands, new words to explore.
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I finished The Wood Wife today. It's a very good book, and it does something that made me want to look up the author and read more books by her (I normally choose my books strongly by subject, it's rare that I choose by author because, subject matters so much to me)... it made me feel interested in a subject that I don't normally have interest in.

For me, "personal interests" are the centre of the universe. It is very hard to make me feel connected or moved or like I am doing anything important, with the subject is something I don't have interest in. It's part of being an autistic person, and, it's part of what can make socialising very difficult for me, as well as many things... if I am not doing something connected to my interests, I get bored, and bored feelings become pain, and that drains my energy very quickly. I'm not normally a person who just has fun "being social". It needs to be connected to something I am particularly interested in, or, I need to find a reason to feel interested. Sometimes, being with a person I like can be enough for that, but, it's a rare bond that creates it, and, that bond is also usually based on... interests!

So, to enjoy a book that is not on a personal interest subject, is definitely something that makes me feel I should read the author's other work.

Cut... some small spoilers, I try to keep it minimum )


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