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the forbidden union

between the humans and the birds

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Name:little swan child
I am a little swan child. I run, I dance, I fly.
I let the zephyrs catch me, and toss me in the sky.


Autistic girl, winter and glass, break my own heart just to see it happen. In love with my bones and the skulls in my attic, with Silence and alien strange things. Want to migrate with the wild swans some day, my own true lovers. Japanese, feral, often seen running along the train tracks, outdoor hikikomori, refusing society, drinking the stars.

Aromantic, my best romance relationships are in my head. 堀北真希さん is my idol, and this is my favorite ship of her.

I am not safe. But, if you would like to come into my world, I will try to be gentle, if you will try to be gentle with me.

Or, you can break me. But, nothing in between, please. The swan maiden does not tolerate people who do things half way.


[Please note: This is a blog of someone who is considered mentally unstable by society's standards. I have a number of mental health diagnosis and among other things, I am often cold, emotionally unavailable, and experience delusions. What you see is what you get. I welcome new friends, but please don't create false expectations that I'm a better person than I am.]
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