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I'm not comfortable calling this "totem" or "spirit animal" because, that is not my culture. But, I realise that because Sarusiel has Frigatebird as one of Her sacred animals, I probably should research what is thought to be magical associations of Frigatebird.

And... I didn't find anything. Or, not anything useful. Just some short things, really they say nothing to me at all.

So, I decide to read about Frigatebird, and try to understand the magic of this being on my own, as well as how the bird is related to Sarusiel.

These are my beginning notes.

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My local Petsmart stopped selling live birds after I put up some stickers on their bird displays.

If we can do this for every pet store near us, we could send the bird mills out of business!

This makes me super happy, and I want to go to the other pet stores around here as soon as I can... I thought also of dressing up in my karasu-tengu costume to collect money for bird sanctuaries. All I would need, is to get some foam tubes and bend them into a "cage" over my body, and I could sit outside the pet store handing out flyers and collecting money as support for birds... waa, this could really work. Super exciting. >w<


Sep. 23rd, 2011 09:14 pm
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I'm not sure what it is I like so much about this story, but, I like it, so, I'm reblogging it here. I think, I just feel that this song is very creepy, in a wonderful way.

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Put stickers on bird cages at Petsmart today and put protest letters in the mailbox... for some reason, things like this take so long for me. It's not an action of a few minutes to be activist, for some people. It takes hours. And, this was only a tiny thing. But, for this, it felt worth my energy.

I wanted to do something for the autumn equinox today too, but... could not think what. Maybe it's a good day to begin using my death rosary finally. I could do that.
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I just remembered I have these blank stickers for activism stuffs... so I used a few....

Opt to adopt!
(Click to see large)

I think, I'm going on a tour of some local pet stores soon.
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So... I don't know who knows the "Young Wizards" books by Diane Duane. But, in them, there is a very beautiful Wizard's Oath.

Cut for people who know it or don't want to be spoiled )

And, [personal profile] cereus posted recently, about a Saurian/Cat's Oath in later books (that I have not read yet):

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I wondered what a swan/bird Oath might be. So, I tried it....

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I am in love. ;w;

They also have an owl, I did PM this person and, they say they might make a swan in future. The idea makes my heart break....
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This is just some informations that I think people in the world should know. If you are capable to read the links without being triggered, it just takes a few minutes of time so please, educate your self if you can.


- If you are thinking of getting a parrot, watch this short video first. It's just the truths of parrot ownership, good and bad.

- SOAR - Supporters of Avian Rights [content on this website contains animal abuse, might be very painful to look at]
Please read this site:
* before buying a bird from a pet store
* if you know about a place or person where birds are being neglected
* if you want to be educated on the problems of captive breeding parrots
* if you believe that animal cruelty laws in the US should cover pet birds

- If you want to get a parrot, please opt to adopt! Then take a look at ParrotFeather.com to learn about the good and bad of keeping different types of parrot species, to find the right bird for you.

- Support No Feather Left Behind adoption and rescue work with these pendants!


- Please keep your dogs on a leash in swan habitats, especially in the breeding season (between March and May). Breeding swans will defend their mates very strongly and there may be a fight. They will hurt your dog, and, your dog will hurt them. Dogs are responsible for many swan deaths, and, swans can kill your beloved dog too... please be a responsible pet owner/animal companion!

- How to feed swans: don't feed them bread! Read here for healthy advice on how to feed swans, geese and ducks. Here is a quick list of good ideas: "greens cut up into small pieces; healthy popcorn (without artificial coloring and flavorings); corn / cracked corn; whole wheat GRAIN (not processed, not bread - natural state grain); whole oats; brown rice, lentils, split peas and smallish seeds". Please only feed a small amount, don't make them rely on people for food.

- Before you support killing of mute swans because they are "invasive species", or, believe (good meaning, but, not complete) arguments you read on the internet and even many good meaning conservation sites about this: read about another view here.

If that essay is too long, there is also a good one here by the Michigan State University College of Law, a quote from it is here:

The MDNR claimed it was "joined by mainstream conservation groups that understand the need to reduce the exploding mute swan population" and that only "a small band of wacky fringe groups" trying "to make a buck" were opposing the effort to kill swans. [...]

Moreover, it appears that only the "wacky fringe groups" bothered to look into the science. Scientific validation of the claim that mute swans are responsible for anything other than negligible damage to the ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay is conspicuous in its absence.

If you want to know what you can do, please, tell others about this, and, sign petitions at savemuteswans.org or muteswantruth.ca (different petitions).

- Adopt a trumpeter swan and help to protect these rare birds!


Put these posters up in your local park to protect birds from harm by six-pack rings and kite string.


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