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I am supposed to be sleeping, but a thought just came into my mind that I had to write down, like they often do before going to sleep...

One day, I want to get a motorcycle. It's cheaper than a car, you can feel the wind, you're not shut in a metal box, it's more eco friendly, and, you never get stuck in a traffic jam because it's legal to ride between the lanes (here it is, anyway).

So, I am planning this image in my mind, haha... I want this (the Princess Mononoke quote*, not the "Anti-christ" part) on a non-leather jacket**... and then I was thinking, what can I put on my helmet? Something animal... like horns... or...

Then, I thought about Lupa's spirit costumes, the way that she takes skins that are second-hand or would be thrown away, and makes them into spiritual dance costumes for animal spirit work. She says that often, the animals love to be able to dance again. I wonder, if there is a skin out there who would love the feeling of being able to go faster than an animal can run? A real thrill-chasing spirit who would find joy and freedom in being a head-dress for a helmet...

* Yes, I know it's misanthropic, but it is a quote that I feel a lot with, because of my love for San as a young age...
** I'm not vegan, but I like to avoid leather when I can. Of course this seems ironic to match a non-leather jacket with the animal skin, but I know that with Lupa's work, she is not causing extra cruelty by selling her work, but if I buy a leather jacket, it probably does add to that...
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