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Download here or here (note in the first link, the updated download URL in a comment, I had to fix one page for an error).

I could not find a place to have a print version of the zine published that would not be super expensive. But, with the instructions on zinelibrary, you can make your own copy! For this issue the cover page and the last page will need to be printed separately. The zine is designed to be printed on US letter paper, each page will be half of a US letter page. So, the instructions at zinelibrary will work perfect.

So, you all want to know how to submit to the next issue, right? ^v^

Next issue's theme is Glamour and Spelling! Bring your most magical thoughts, poems and writings to our next issue! Ideas for glamourbombs are particularly welcome, as well as stories and articles that can be shared in a glamourbomb way, prayers and spells, reviews of fiction about glamourbombs and magic, thoughts on magical traditions that mention nonhumans and how accurate are they really (Faery Wicca, Dragon Magic...), costume tutorials... anything that's magical or full of wonder!

Anything "Spring themed" (nonhuman-focused rituals you like to do for Spring, your feelings about Spring as a nonhuman, etc.) is also welcome.

Submission deadline for Issue #2, Spring 2012, is March 1st. Send submissions to hakuchou at allusion dot net, to my PM box on Dreamwidth, or my submit box on Tumblr.

Submissions can be:

  • Essays
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Recipes
  • Reviews
  • Glamourbombs
  • Meditations
  • Rituals
  • Tutorials
  • Songs and chants
  • Art
  • Or anything you like!

For art, note that The Forest Voice is a black and white zine, so please submit arts in greyscale, or, be prepared that they will be coverted to greyscale. The Forest Voice has a "medieval illumination" style so arts in this style are particularly wanted, as well as other traditional styles like sumi-e, etc. But, your art can be in any style you like.

For essays, The Forest Voice does not have a lot of rules, but, I ask that you do not submit anything ableist, racist, sexist, cissexist, etc., and, people who submit should be open to a polite discussion of the content and an ask for them to edit their content if it does contain these things. Important note particularly that people might not notice: Saying that people can, or should "get over" things like dysphoria, bullying, stress, etc. is considered ableist here, because not everyone has the psychological ability to do these things.

People have been really nice about this with all your submissions! So, let's continue this way! ^v^
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