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So! My spreads are finally dry, and I have readings for you~~ (Thank you so much to [personal profile] niya for helping me set this up so I can get paid!)

Deck I'm using: Shadowscapes by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Readings available:

  • One card draws: Free

  • Three card draws (Mind/Body/Soul, Past/Present/Future): Free

  • Large spreads: $7 (will also do trades for a piece of art, or a story at least 300 words)

    You can always ask for one and three card draws first, to get a feeling for if you like me as a reader. As many as you like. ^v^

    (...ppplease excuse my messy attic for the pictures m( _ _ )m They are very big spreads because the cards are big so, I only have one place to lay them and it's not very tidy...)

    • Tree of Energy spread (7 cards): good for seeing a detailed picture of your spiritual health/state/nature, for finding out a place of spiritual or emotional block, or looking at a picture of a current situation, just the general health or state of something. "What is this right now?"

      I think this is an interesting one because it is kind of like... doing a health scan of your energy, but with cards! I'm quite excited about this. I seem to be good with this spread too.

    • Alchemical Transformation spread (7 cards): good for a very detailed instruction of how to progress in a situation, or how a situation will change over time. This can look at a progress up to length of your whole life, or, a short length of a few weeks or months, but it's better for longer situations because of the detail. It's the opposite of the Tree of Energy, it's about movement. "How do I get where I want to be, and what are my struggles on the way?"

    • Cygnus spread (10 cards): good for something in between the first two. This has a picture of who you are, what influenced you until now, what supports your "flying" and gets in the way, and where you should go. It's good if you don't need to know a super super detailed picture of how to get somewhere like the Alchemical Transformation, but you want to know the general direction, and what might influence you that you need to think about. "Where did this come from, and where is it going? What are the wind conditions like for setting on this journey?"

  • Custom spreads! (No trades)

  • For $12, I will make you a custom spread based on a constellation, creature or symbol (up to 12 cards) and give you a detail reading from that spread. If you want a spread with more than 12 cards (for example, you want me to work with a constellation that has more than 12 stars), it's $1 extra for each card.

    $10 extra if you want me to make an actual painting of the spread and mail it (I need to buy very large card and it's expensive o.o these are about 30 inches by 40 or something ridiculous), otherwise I just design it on the computer and tell you how it looks. If you want paintings I'll do them better than I did here, these are a little rough.

  • For $25, I'll make three custom spreads of your choice and give you three readings. +$20, three paintings as well.

  • Special deal on spreads! I want to also help my reader and friend Charley, so... if you buy any reading worth $5 or more from [personal profile] whatawaytoburn, I'll make a custom spread for you and give you a reading from that spread, for $7. So, you can get two readings (and a custom spread) for the price of one!

So, you want a reading~? You can ask a particular question or just ask me what the cards want you to know. Here are other questions I need you to answer before the reading (I find this really helps me give an accurate reading):

  • Focus (some kind of thing you identify with strongly that I can use to get a sense of you)

  • Out of these 4 categories, what is most represents you: passionate inspiration and outward directed energies (wands), gentle inside emotion and spiritual thoughts (cups), thinking and intelligence/communications in an unemotional way (swords), or practical and physical things (pentacles)? Please give me the suit that most fits you.

    If you're not sure, ask this question: if you have a free day, will you like to:
    • go to a karaoke to sing with friends (wands)
    • spend the day dreaming out of your window (cups)
    • read a philosophy book (swords)
    • eat a yummy big meal (pentacles)

  • (Optional) If you know Tarot, are there any cards that you particularly identify with in a personal way? What is the meaning of these cards to you?

I'll try and answer in 24 hours, unless it's create a spread, then it might take a couple of days. You can post a comment here or PM or email me~

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