Sep. 22nd, 2011

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Oh, oh, oh. This. This.

Our feral heart that wants to run. Our quiet heart that wants to go home. The way we are on a constant search for wings.

What are we? I can’t answer that question for everyone, but I, I reject human form, the same way that maybe the dog rejects the way it has been shaped by vain, proud hands, rejects being squashed into a small body with a stump nose and legs that hardly run, remembers the wolf.

Perhaps, there is a secret society of species dysmorphics through the world, wolves trapped in handbag-size bodies, tigers designed by human hands for beauty and not for breathing.

Perhaps, humanity is just the first victim of a curse, a curse that washed over the land and said, we will take birds and give them not-flight, we will take coyotes and give them not-running, we will squash them into strange naked shapes. And, in anger, they will turn on the rest of the world and make it as not-wild and not-free as they are, turning wolves into handbag dogs, clipping the wings of birds and shutting them in cages.

We have been abused, we have been broken, and so, we repeat that abuse on the helpless things around us.

But I say, no more. I will not continue the abuse done to me. I will let the birds fly, even if it makes my heart ache to watch them go where I can not.
avia: Text: "Never love a wild thing." (never love a wild thing)

The time when you are just recovering from finishing a book (because, recovering is a good word, I think, this shaking in the heart, strange melancholy feeling), and all the world around you feels a little twilight, fae and magical... and your own words feel more strong, you feel like you can write poetry because there is poetry in your brain, and you feel powerful, and at the same time helpless, to the rush of grief.

I just finished Daughter of the Forest, by Juliet Marillier. A short review, or, emotional thoughts not really organised )


Sep. 22nd, 2011 10:24 pm
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Oh~, my store appeared today!

What store? Well... I was working on this last night, but, there was some problems with the store, so, the designs were not showing. But, it finally appeared now... I have been working on some shirt designs, for genderqueer, autistic, and other non-normative type people, just for fun~ But, it can also make a little money for me, and, I want to try and support my self with online sales of things in future, so, part of this, is testing to see if I can make any kind of business.

Here are the designs:

More behind the cut )

Sorry it comes out a little expensive... I was trying to put it as the cheapest price I could, the dark t-shirts are expensive ;w; But, the white ones are not bad. Sadly, the "observation robot" only looks good on a dark background really... but, if people want it for light, I can make one.

Also, I am open to ideas for custom designs, I'll try to make it~ (it doesn't have to be robot themed, but, if it is neurodiversity/gender diversity related it helps...) I have some more ideas that I am working on too, so, I'll post more updates when I have more shirts~

(Edited to add: right now, a friend told me about a problem with the “gender binary” ones, so, I take the design down and replace it. The gender binary shirts should be up again in about 24 hours… sorry about that!)


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